Graduate Diploma in Multi-generational Family Therapy

July 04, 2016 - July 31, 2018

SALVADOR MINUCHIN in the introduction of his latest book, “The Craft of Family Therapy” (2014) describes how University Programs today operate prinicipally through a deductive method, how students learn from theories to then apply them in practice. Students learn to be measured, protective, to avoid conflicts with family members and to look for the latest techniques “most appropriate” to the problem in question. Thus the student is not encouraged to look at herself as a resource when practicing therapy or to explore a more inductive learning process based on doing and on the experiences lived within the relationship to families.

A rare opportunity exists to be personally trained by Professor MAURIZIO ANDOLFI – Master Family Therapist and his international team. The course will have an emphasis on his original ideas of entering the family through the problematic child, mobilising resources in the family and the wider system, integrating System Theories with the Multi-generational approach. The trainee will learn how to utilise herself in the session, playing an active, dynamic role, being direct, authentic, empathic and able to stay close to family pain and despair, while responding positively to their hope and desire to change.

The Graduate Diploma in Multi-generational Family Therapy is suitable for psychiatrists, medical practitioners, psychologists, social workers, counsellors, nurses, NGO’s and other practitioners who would like to develop a solid understanding of how to work systemically and collaboratively with families.

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN FOR THE 2019 INTAKE. The training will commence at the Delta Clinic in late October 2019 and personally launched by Professor Maurizio Andolfi. The group size will be small to facilitate participant’s learning experience so apply early to avoid disappointment.

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