At The Delta Clinic, we aim to transform and enhance the lives of children, adolescents and adults diagnosed with mental health issues by providing a wide range of services to assist them and their families.

Behavioural Therapy: Behaviour therapy assists parents and staff, by providing a better understanding of why behaviours of concern are occurring. Clinicians teach how to create an environment that reduces the likelihood of these behaviours’ occurring and also outline a consistent way to respond to these behaviours. Multiple assessments and observations, a comprehensive plan and parent/staff training are completed to ensure a holistic approach.

Diagnostic Assessment: Our highly qualified team provide a comprehensive mental health assessment to seek clarity of mental health issues. The assessment typically involves gathering a detailed developmental history, completing standardised assessments with the child/adolescent/adult and liaising with other professionals that work closely with the individual. A written report is given and a feedback session conducted to assist families in creating a treatment plan. Early diagnosis means that intervention can begin as soon as possible; research suggests that the earlier treatment begins in life, the more positive the outcomes for that individual. A diagnosis may also allow individuals to gain better access to support in the community and financial assistance.

Rebates: Medicare rebates are available.