In 2006, the Australian government introduced the ‘Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative’. This service provides assistance to individuals with a diagnosed mental disorder e.g. depression or anxiety and more enduring mental health disorders such as bipolar, anorexia nervosa, to access a psychologist and other mental health practitioners. Under this program eligible patients can receive up to 12 individual sessions per calendar year and 12 group sessions. The Medicare rebate is approximately $81.20 or more per session.

In order to access this program you will be required to visit your family doctor. Your family doctor will assess your situation and if appropriate, prepare a mental health care plan as well as giving you a referral to the psychologist. You can nominate your preferred psychologist or mental health practitioners if you have one already.

For further information on eligibility for the Medicare Mental Health Initiative, please visit:

Or you may meet the criteria under the “Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program”.

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