Credentialed Mental Health Nurse

Accredited Clinical Supervisor AAFT. Trained Mediator

Family & Couple Therapist
  • Master of Family Therapy
  • Grad. Cert. Couple Therapy
  • Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Dip. Family Therapy
  • Grad. Cert. Emotional Problems of Childhood.
  • B. App. Sc. [Nursing]

David is a practicing Family & Couple Therapist with over 40 years experience in Mental Health Service. He is the Founding Director of The Delta Clinic since 2010, a private “one stop therapy centre” specialising in Child & Adolescent Mental Health in Baulkham Hills, (Sydney) Australia.

David has over 25 years experience working with Children and Adolescents with serious Emotional & Behavioural issues, or Mental Health problems, & their Families. He was the Senior Nursing Manager of Redbank House, a specialist Mental Health Tertiary service for Children & Adolescents in Western Sydney and has worked for 15 years in the Catholic School System as an outreach Family Therapist/Consultant and School Counsellor.

David’s broad experienced in Acute Adult Mental Health, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Trans-cultural Mental Health, School Systems and Systemic Training as well as his experience in Family Dispute Resolution and Management have enriched his understanding and enabled him to appreciate the complexity of Mental Health concerns by parents in relation to their children’s challenges.

David has worked for 5 years providing Consultation Liaison Services in the Emergency Department of a major Teaching Hospital. He has developed innovative approaches in working systemically with Suicidal Depressed Adolescents at point of crisis, ADHD and Family System and School Refusal. He finds discovering and mobilising resources in the “system” and looking for competence is a more positive and liberating experience for his clients and families.

Since 2005, David has ongoing Advanced Family Therapy Training and Supervision under the guidance of Professor Maurizio Andolfi, Master Family Therapist and Director of the prestigious Accademia di Psicoterapia Familiare in Rome, Italy.

In July 2016, David launched the Graduate Diploma of Multi-generation Family Therapy, a joint project with the Accademia di Psicoterapia Familiare in Rome, Italy.