David Hong – Founding Director

Credentialed Mental Health Nurse

David Hong

Accredited Clinical Supervisor AAFT. Trained Mediator

Family & Couple Therapist

  • Master of Family Therapy
  • Grad. Cert. Couple Therapy
  • Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Dip. Family Therapy
  • Grad. Cert. Emotional Problems of Childhood.
  • B. App. Sc. [Nursing]

David Hong is a practicing Family & Couple Therapist with over 38 years experience in mental health service. He is the Founding Director of The Delta Clinic since 2010, a private “one stop therapy centre” specializing in Child & Adolescent Mental Health in Sydney, Australia.

David has over 25 years experience working with children and adolescents with serious emotional & behavioural issues, or mental health problems, & their families. He was the Senior Nursing Manager of Redbank House, a specialist mental health tertiary service for Children & Adolescents in Western Sydney and has worked for many years in the Catholic School System as an outreach Family Therapist and School Counsellor.

David’s background in acute adult mental health, child and adolescent mental health, trans-cultural mental health, school systems and systemic training as well as his experience in family dispute resolution and management have enriched his understanding and enabled him to appreciate the complexity of mental health concerns by parents in relation to their children’s challenges. David has worked for 5 years providing consultation liaison services in the emergency department of a major teaching hospital. He has developed an innovative and effective approach working with suicidal and or depressed adolescents whom have attempted suicide at times of personal crisis and their families.


Dr Sujay Sringeri

Consultant Psychiatrist


Dr Sujay Sringeri comes to Delta Clinic with a wealth of experience in the field of adult psychiatry. He is trained from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences [NIMHANS], the most prestigious training organisation in Bangalore, India, is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, and Member of the Consultation Liaison Psychiatry and Neuropsychiatry.

He is a highly regarded clinician and has special interests in Neuropsychiatry, Adult ADHD, Personality Disorder, Mood Disorder and  Cultural Psychiatry – cross cultural presentation of psychiatric illness, cultural meaning of psychiatric symptoms, Ethnopsychopharmacology.

In particular, Dr Sringeri’s interest in ADHD management and treatment will now complement a comprehensive “team approach” at the Delta Clinic’s vision of offering a service across lifespan.


Dr Kam Wong


Consultant Child, Adolescent & Family Psychiatrist


Dr. Kam Wong is a highly respected Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist in private practice in Sydney, Australia. He has a wide range of experience in treating different disorders across all age groups and diverse cultures. His background and practice includes individual therapy, family and group therapies and neurolinguistic programming.

Dr. Wong is a medical specialist. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, Member of the Faculty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Diplomate of the Royal Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

As a physician and therapist, Dr. Kam Wong believes everyone has a basic right to good physical and psychological health. His approach is to empower individuals and their families to manage their problems and disorders, and he has helped many towards optimum health and achieving their full potential in life.

Dr Wong is the director of Healthy Mind Concepts Pty. Ltd. which is a company dedicated to the promotion and education of psychological health among the general population. For more information and educational material contact the Delta Clinic. Dr Wong is also the creator of the Anxiety Toolkit for the Young, Stress Toolkit for the Young, Calm Optimizer, Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem and Positive Child Management which are all home based self-help programs designed for the general public.


Dr Bindu Baburaj

Consultant Paediatrician


Dr Bindu Baburaj is a Consultant Paediatrician with special interest in Developmental and Behavioural paediatrics.  She completed her specialist training at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead in 2009 and holds a Master in Public Health from the University of  Sydney. She has extensive experience in assessing and managing children with Speech delay, Global Developmental Delay, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Learning difficulties and ADHD.

Dr Bindu Baburaj is also experienced working with children from difficult backgrounds including children placed in out-of-home care / foster care, or similar situations.  She is a member of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and the Chapter Of Community and Child Health.


Suparna Karpe

Clinical Psychologist

Suparna is a Clinical Psychologist, with a Masters in Clinical Psychology and an M. Phil (2 year fellowship) in the area of Clinical Psychology from India’s premier institute, National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS). She possesses a high level of competency and many years experience in counselling, instruction and psycho-diagnostics in the areas of adult, child and adolescent mental health.TIM_7356

Suparna describes herself as integrative and creative in her approach to therapy, and draws on systemic and psychodynamic as well as cognitive and behavioural therapies. A particular area of interest for Suparna is long term therapy, especially using the Schema Therapy model and working with difficulties of childhood origin. She has considerable experience working with long term patterns related to early experiences.

Suparna ran her own successful private practice and consultancy overseas, for ten years, where she worked with a wide range of issues including trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, couple counselling, child and family therapy, workplace issues, adjusting to life transitions, challenges and change, generalized anxiety disorder,  and attention deficit disorder. Suparna is a bilingual therapist, she speaks fluent English, Hindi and Marathi.

In addition to working with adults, Suparna has considerable experience working with children and families. She has worked with children with Autism spectrum disorders, providing assessment, play therapy, social stories and parental counseling and family therapy. Suparna also has experience in preparing functional behaviour analysis for children and young people with disabilities, Autism Spectrum disorders and severe behaviour concerns.


Laura Turbott

Counsellor and Psychotherapistlt300

Laura has also lectured in Child and Adolescent Counselling, Human Growth and Development, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Development and Diversity, Person-Centred Counselling, and Academic Skills at Excelsia College (previously the Wesley Institute), in addition to her current role as the Counselling Placement Coordinator.

Laura also has an interest in creative arts therapy, and holds an undergraduate degree in Communications (majoring in Theatre/Media), and completed her internship with a Dramatherapist.  She has also worked in disability, drug and alcohol addiction, and acute mental health, in addition to various volunteer roles. Laura is bilingual and speaks fluent French.

Laura’s ongoing commitment to academic teaching and study, in addition to an extensive and diverse range of work and volunteer experience, demonstrates her value of finding the right balance between the art and theory of counselling. She is passionate about helping people from all walks of life, and brings a warm and compassionate approach to all of her clients.


Dr.  Philip G. E. Tam

MA (Cambridge), MBBS (London), FRANZCP, Cert Child Psych. tam150

Dr. Philip Tam is a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist with more than 15 years experience in both the public and private sector. Originally from the UK, where he did his basic medical degree and junior training, he moved to Sydney in 1999.

He has a wide range of clinical interests and expertise within the broad field of child psychiatry, including treating depressive and anxiety disorders, ADHD, autistic-spectrum disorders and other complex mental health difficulties. He places an emphasis on the family and broader social/educational environment on both how these shape the development of a client’s condition, and how they can be addressed and improved to assist in the journey to recovery. He gives particular emphasis to any relevant cultural or trans-cultural aspects which may be relevant to the client.

Dr. Tam is also an acknowledged Australian and global pioneer in the emerging field of ‘internet-related psychology’ (sometimes dubbed ‘internet addiction’), and is currently involved in many local and international research projects in this area. He has written numerous articles and book chapters on this topic for general and professional audiences, presents lectures and workshops on this, and regularly comments in the international media. He co-presents a free series on iTunes podcasts on this topic – ‘The Healthy Digital Diet’, and in 2011 helped set up Australia’s first public-service information and website to assist families – please visit www.niira.org.au