One Day Workshop – “Cultural Perspectives: Psychotherapy & counselling with migrant families”

8th March 2017: One Day Workshop with Lorena Cavalieri

In many places in the world, we have been experiencing large
displacements of people from developing nations who are seeking
asylum and or economic opportunity in first-world countries. In
developing countries, we see crises of massive unemployment,
poverty, overcrowded refugee camps, children orphaned by war,
marginalization and violence against women. The needs and expectations
of these individuals and families present a multitude of
challenges to Social Services and mental health Institutions.

Trauma, PTSD, cultural cut-off, issues of guilt and shame, as well
as second-generation’s emerging problems are very common and
are addressed to be solved with a clinical counseling or psychotherapy
in the new country.
Often, the psychotherapy, known and practiced in the western
countries, does not focus enough on cultural diversities and different
ways to deal with family values and children education.
Lorena Cavalieri, through many years of clinical experience developed
a very special method of clinical and social intervention with
immigrant families and refugees. It is based on a multigenerational
systemic approach aimed to listen people stories of grief and
cut-off and to elicit individual and family resources as well as to
activate the social and Institutional network. Several examples of
clinical intervention will be presented to the participants.

Lorena Cavalieri is clinical psychologist, family therapist and
teacher at the Accademia of Family Psychotherapy in Rome. Lorena
is the Director of the Silvano Andolfi Foundation in Rome,
internationally recognizes for research and clinical and social
intervention with immigrant families and refugees.

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