Our Story 

The Delta Clinic is a specialist Child & Adolescent private mental health practice providing a comprehensive mental health consultation, assessment, and intervention for a wide range of mental health issues in the Hills Shire.

The Delta Clinic was set up in 2010 in response to increasing demand and the experience of parents struggling to access appropriate and quality private specialist mental health services. Delta Clinic is  a “One-Stop” Therapy Centre to provide easy access and timely intervention for quality specialist mental health services.IMG_0909

The Delta Clinic offers a multi-disciplinary service including the following: psychology, child psychiatry, paediatric, social work, mental health nurse and dietary advice. These mental health practitioners have a range of therapeutic approaches including cognitive-behavioural, humanistic, psychodynamic, and systemic training. They are carefully selected for their particular specialty and clinical expertise to ensure a diversity of skills to meet the needs of our clients and their families.

The team has developed a “niche” for it’s collaborative approach to working with children & adolescents affected by ADHD. This includes working with the family, consulting and intervening at school. Delta Clinic practitioners are currently involved in a research project with Professor V. Eapen in the delivery of CBIT a cognitive program in working with children diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome.

We can also help with a wide range of conditions, including: anxiety, depression and suicidal behaviours, serious challenging behavioural and conduct problems, autism, school refusal, tourette’s syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder and attachment disorders.